El Consell d’Europa demana la posada en llibertat dels polítics presos catalans

Subject: Institutional Disinformation and Propaganda released by a EU Member State

On 3 June 2021, the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Council of Europe released a forceful report asking the Spanish authorities to release the Catalan politicians convicted for their role in organizing the 2017 independence referendum as well as dropping extradition proceedings against Catalan politicians abroad.

The very same day, in a press release, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed “Council of Europe backs Spain’s action regarding Catalan pro-independence politicians”.

On 26 May 2021, the Commission presented the Guidance on Strengthening the Code of Practice on Disinformation. Commissioner Véra Jourová said: “threats posed by disinformation online are fast evolving and we need to step up our collective action to empower citizens and protect the democratic information space”.

1 Does this press release emitted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs comply with the media literacy policy uphold by the European Commission?

2 Will the Commission include these cases of disinformation within the EU in the “EU vs disinfo” portal promoted by the VP/HR?

3 Does the Commission think these cases of biased propaganda from an institutional site weaken the EU’s standing to demand truthful media communications in other countries?

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