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Subject: — 2020 Rule of Law Report

The Commission received 38 stakeholder contributions regarding Spain for the 2020 Rule of Law Report. A dozen came from Catalan institutions and civil society organizations covering topics such as the partiality of the judiciary, the violations of freedom of expression and assembly, including the arbitrary detention of activists and politicians, and the discrimination against Catalan speakers in the judicial system. However, none of these issues are discussed in the report, and they are not even mentioned in the summary of the contributions, other than through a generic reference to “issues that
are specific to regions”.

  • Given that the issues raised by these stakeholders are relevant to the assessment of the rule of law in Spain, why does the report not cover them?
  • Why has the Commission not met with a single Catalan stakeholder in order to discuss rule of law developments in Spain, particularly as there are credible reports of instances of serious irregularities and violations by the judiciary in relation to the pro-independence movement?
  • Is the overlook of contributions by Catalan stakeholders and the failure to meet with any of them consistent with the due respect to the rights of minorities*?

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