Quin impacte té la proposta espanyola del corredor del Mediterrani?

Subject: On possible bottlenecks in the Mediterranean Corridor crossing Tarragona’s shore

The Mediterranean Corridor’s freight rail traffic crossing Tarragona must do so through this city’s shore due to the Spanish Government’s ad hoc solution of a “third rail” to be included in the tracks in order to turn the Iberian gauge into International. This creates serious bottleneck in the current plan.

The current plan makes freight traffic and passenger traffic go through the same route, when the former could go through a track circumventing Tarragona through its interior, leaving the shoreline for passenger rail traffic, knowing that itis a prime route for European tourists.

The current plan poses a negative impact on people’s health and safety. It also attempts against the environment, and the historical and residential heritage of Tarragona, such as its UNESCO-protected Roman Amphitheatre.

1 Has the Commission studied an impact analysis on the historical heritage of Tarragona on the projected location of the Mediterranean Corridor’s freight traffic?

2 Does the Commission consider that the current plan is not following the European legal framework, namely the TEN-T Guidelines Regulatior’s Articles 2, 5, 9, 13, 30, 34, 35?

3 Whatis the solution foreseen by the Commission to prevent bottlenecks in this area?

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