Sobre les declaracions de Pablo Casado i la reunió amb Ursula von der Leyen

Subject: Spanish PP leader boasting about its influence over the Commission

Recently the Spanish Government made public its proposal to reform the judiciary system. This reform received the warning of the Commission who, according to the Spanish Newspaper El País, said that “the move could endanger judicial independence and exacerbate the impression that the Spanish judiciary may be “vulnerable to politicization”.

On the 18th of October, Pablo Casado, leader of Partido Popular, a member party of the EPP as the President of the Commission said: “Los españoles se han dado cuenta de que no se puede subestimar la influencia del PP en Europa. En 12 horas nos reunimos con la presidenta de la Comisión Europea y el comisario de Justicia europeo”.

According to article 9D of the Lisbon Treaty “In carrying out its responsibilties, the Commission shall be completely independent”.

Can the Commission confirm this statement by Mr Pablo Casado? Whatis the criteria to decide with whom should the Commission meet with such an urgency?

How is this statement by Pablo Casado on the Commission bowing to political pressures compatible with article 9D of the Lisbon Treaty?

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