Espanya i Turquia acorden implementar programes militars compartits

Subject: On Spain-Turkey military cooperation

On 17th November 2021, the Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez and the Turkish President Erdogan issued a joint statement as result of the seventh Turkey-Spanish intergovernmental summit, in which both countries agreed to deepen their partnership on shared military programmes. This includes the development of an LHD, Unmanned Systems, Space-Satellite capabilities and naval assets.

Turkish is carrying out an expansionist hostile behaviour in the Eastern editerranean towards EU Member States, namely Greece and Cyprus, and is challenging the EZZ regime laid down in the UNCLOS.

Having regard to Point 12 of the Statement of the Members of the European Council on 25th March 2021.

Having regard to the European Parliament resolution of 19 May 2021 on the 2019-2020 Commission Reports on Turkey (2019/2176(INI)).

Having regard to Article 32 TEU.

  1. Does the HR/VP consider that those military programmes, not agreed on at EU level, could
    contribute to jeopardize EU Member States national security and could cast doubt on the mutual solidarity commitments between Member States?
  2. How does the Commission evaluate that such military capabilities can be used in actions that blatantly violate International Law, such as the illegal drilling activities in Cyprus EEZ?

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