Sobre la circulació de monedes amb el retrat de Juan Carlos I, investigat per evasió fiscal

Subject: Euro coins with the effigy of former Spanish king Juan Carlos I

In November, the Spanish Supreme Court prosecutor announced a third investigation against former Spanish king Juan Carlos 1 for possible money laundering activities. The Monarch is already the target of separate investigations for the potential use of llegal credit cards and alleged kickbacks paid to secure a train construction contract to Mecca.

Four months after fleeing to Abu Dhabi, the former king acknowledged the existence of undeclared income by paying €678,000 to the Spanish tax agency.

There are two series of 1 and 2 euro coins in circulation with the former Spanish king’s efigies.

“According to the Council Regulation 729/2014, “inappropriate” designs of the euro coins’ national sides should be avoided and, thus, Member Slates can raise objections before their approval.

  1. Does the Commission consider that the circulation of euro coins with the effigy of Juan Carlos I, a former head of state under investigation for alleged economic crimes, is consistent with the EU values?
  2. Will the Commission propose a Regulation reform to allow Member States to raise objections to national sides’ coin designs once these are already in circulation?
  3. In thelight of experience, would the Commission consider appropriate to avoid coin’s issuance wíth designs of alive personalties?

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