Preocupació pel possible tancament de la planta de Saint Gobain a l’Arboç

Subject Serious concerns about the announced closure of Saint Gobain – Glass plant located in the municipality of ‘Arbog (Catalonia).

The management of Saint Gobain – Glass Company has announced its intention to close its Glass division located in the municipality of L’Arbog (Catalonia) due to organizational reasons and the end of the useful life of its glass-production oven. However, the workers’ committee (comité d’empresa) argues that investing in a new oven would ensure the continuity of the plant for the next 25 years.

There are 174 workers directly affected for this decision and it is estimated that, as a result of the domino effect, 750 more jobs would be lost in the Baix Penedes area, which already has the highest unemployment rate in Catalonia.

1 – Does the Commission consider that the company has the necessary conditions to benefit from the Next Generation EU Funds?

2 – The Saint Gobain – Glass plant located in L’Arbog meets all European environmental criteria. Can the Commission confirm that the other Saint Gobain – Glass production plants located in the EU comply with all the EU environmental standards?

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