Militars de l’exèrcit espanyol simpatitzen amb l’extrema dreta

Subject: Violents threats and extreme-right elements in the Spanish Army

On the December 2nd the media published that a group of retired Spanish military officials had sent a letter to King Felipe VI showing their concern on the relations between the Spanish government and pro-independence parties. Felipe VI did not disallow them.

Moreover, as revealed by José Ignacio Dominguez retired Liutenant Colonel of the army, in a whatsapp chat with the same high ranking officials, several of them speculated with bombing the Catalan National Assembly? or organizing a coup d’état. Since the end of the dictatorship similar comments have been cyclically heard.

In contrast, the German Government recently dissolved a special forces unit over its far-right links in an exemplary measure for the Union.

Will the Commission investigate these events or will it consider that having a group of high ranking military officials speculating on a coup d’état inside the EU is an internal matter of Spain?

Does the Commission agree with the measures taken by the German Government purging extreme right elements from the army? Taking into account the wil! to increase integration in the field of Defense, will the Commission propose guidelines to ensure that all EU Member States do the same?

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