Llengües minoritàries a la Conferència sobre el Futur d’Europa, es tindran en compte?

Subject: Regional and minority languages in the COFE Multilingual Digital Platform

As of 19 April, the COFE Multilingual Digital Platform (http://futureu.europa.eu) is open for contributions. Citizens from across Europe now have the possibility to provide their views on any topic that they consider important for the future of the European Union.

Unfortunately, the site is only available in the 24 EU official languages.

It seems that citizens belonging to European national and/or linguistic minorities will be able to participate in their language too, though it is not clear in the site how to do it.

Can the Commission explain where is the information according to which citizens will be able to use their regional language in the platform?

The European institutions should make a great effort with national and linguistic minorities and encourage the 50 million European citizens that speak a non-official EU language to participate in the platform in their own language.

How is the Commission promoting the participation to the platform in all national and regional official

How will the Commission facilitate this participation, especially with the citizens belonging to national and linguistic minorities that live on a Member State that is not their country of origin?

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