Pregunta sobre la Identitat Digital Europea

Subject: On the European Digital Identity and existing regional and national elDs

On Thursday 3 June 2021, the Commission unveiled its proposal for a regulation establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity (and amending elDAS Regulation 910/2014), laying down the conditions for the issuing of European Digital Identity Wallets by Member States, which should also “provide and recognise electronic identification means of natural and legal persons” (Art. 1).

In 2019, the Catalan Government launched “IdentiCAT”, a decentralised and self-sovereign digital identity aiming at becoming the first public digital identity at a European level. It would be self-managed by the citizen with the absolute legal guarantee and validity to operate with the public administration and the private sector.

1 Is the Commissior’s proposal compatible with existing national or regional frameworks establishing a digital identity like the one foreseen by this proposal for regulation and is it going to be applicable by Member States once it enters into force?

2 Does the Commission consider to use distributed ledger technology to build the future European Digital Identity?

3 Does the Commission consider the future European Digital Identity should ensure the user’s self-sovereignty and identity?

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