Espanya no ha reparat encara els danys causats al Rif

Subject: NDICI-Global Europe Instrument in the Rif area

The Rifis an area located in northen Morrocco which borders the Yebala region and extends to Nador
on the border with Algeria. This area was incorporated into the Spanish Protectorate of Morrocco
between 1912 and 1956.

Within the framework of the Rif War (1921-1926), the Spanish bombed the Rif area with chemical
weapons -mainly mustard gas- in attacks that took place between 1924 and 1927. Almost a century
later, the effects of chemical warfare still last. The Rif is known is as the area of Morrocco with the
highest rate of cancer patients. Research’ shows that 80% of adults and 50% of children undergoing
cancer are originary from the same area that the Spanish Air Force repeatedly bombed with mustard

Despite growing scientific evidence, Spain has never paid any reparation for the lasting damage that
its chemical attacks inflicted in the Rif area.

Having regard to the NDICI-Global Europe Instrument:

-Does the Commission intend to make use of the neighborhood programme to fund projects aimed at
tackling this public health problem originated by past actions of an EU Member State?

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