Espanya no compleix amb la normativa europea de contingut audiovisual

Subject: — Delay in the transposition of Directive 2018/1808 in Spain

According to article 13 of Directive 2018/1808, “Member States shall ensure that media services providers of on-demand audiovisual media services under their jurisdiction secure at least a 30% share of European works in their catalogues and ensure prominence of those works”.

However, some member states have not applied it yet, one of them is Spain. According to this piece published by El País? its approval is so delayed in Spain that it’s not even possible to calculate when the directive will be transposed. Meanwhile, some streaming companies like Filmin are offering a 60% of their products from European origin while Netfiix and others don’t even release their data.

Is the Commission aware of this delay in the transposition of Directive 2018/1808?

Would the Commission consider compatible with the Directive and with Article 2 of the Treaties if, in Member States like Spain with several co-official languages, part of the 30% media works originated in Europe had to be produced in minority languages such as Catalan, Euskera or Galician?

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