Denunciem els retards en la inversió de l’estat espanyol pel corredor del Mediterrani

Subject: On the difference between forecasted and executed budget on the Mediterranean Corridor

The Mediterranean Corrdor railway section between Castelló and Vandellós (part of the Cartagena-Murcia-Valéncia-Tarragona branch) is stl under construction. In its answer E-003264/20211, the Commission commented that the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor is of strategic importance for achieving the objectives of the TEN-T policy …to contribute to reducing the impact of transport on. environment and climate change. The regulation establishes the requirements to be complied with by the Member States, in particular Article 39.

In the State’s budget proposal for 2022, the Mediterranean Corridors high-speed rail heading is 407,8 million EUR. In 2021, this heading was 224,9 miliion EUR, with a final total yeary execution of 12,4 million EURZ. The budget relies heavily on Next Generation EU.

1 Canthe Commission guarantee that the Spanish authorities spend the amount budgeted for the
Mediterranean Cortidor, so that the works are completed by 20307

2 Was the Commission aware of the difference between budgeted amount and executed amount?

3 Taking into account the difference between foreseen and executed budget, will the Commission ask the Member State what are the reasons for this difference?

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