Reclamem al Parlament Europeu la llibertat de Pablo Hásel

Subject: The right to artistic freedom in Spain

Freemuse, the NGO defending the right to artistic freedom worldwide and a collaborating entity with the United Nations, has confirmed that it is in Spain where more artists are convicted to prison’ sentences, with 14 cases, followed by Iran, with 13.

The cases are: Valtónyc, sentenced in 2018 to three and a half years in prison and currently in exile; Pablo Hásel, sentenced in 2014, 2018 and 2020 sentenced to two years and nine months ín prison; and 12 members of the rap band La Insurgencia”, sentenced to six months in prison.

Therefore, the European Union tops the ranking with the most repressive states against artists.

1 Does the European Commission have an opinion on this?

2 Ifso, has the Commission done anything to reverse the situation and repair the damage to the EU’s reputation as an area of creative freedom?

3 Does the European Commission believe that the EU can demand respect the freedom of creation to third countries, while one of its members is the country that leads the world ranking of persecuted or imprisoned artists?

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