Com ajudarà la UE als nens de Bielorússia afectats pel desastre de Chernobyl?

Subject: Belarusian minors affected by the Chernobyl disaster

The 1986 Chemobyi nuclear disaster left around 800,000 people affected by radiation. The effects on children have been drastic: children growing up near the disaster zone have suffered health problems since birth, such as enlarged thyroids, cancer, and respiratory ilnesses.

In 2019 there were over 8000 Belarrusian minors welcome in ltaly and Spain, most of them with health issues and special needs. Several NGOs have reported that in the lasi 2 years this welcoming task has been interrupted due to COVID-19 and border-related restrictions.

Despite the urgent necessity for these programs as a matter of humanitarian crisis, Spain, Italy, and the EU authoriles have stil not resumed the temporary hosting of Belarusian minors affected by the Chemoby disaster.

‘What actions does the Commission intend to take in order o faciitate the rapid resumplion of these projects?

Has the Commission planned how to ensure that he sanctions against Belarus do not affect the resumplion of these projects and other similar humanitarian iitiatives?

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