Com ajudarà la UE als nens de Bielorússia afectats pel desastre de Chernobyl?

Subject: Belarusian minors affected by the Chernobyl disaster The 1986 Chemobyi nuclear disaster left around 800,000 people affected by radiation. The effects on children have been drastic: children growing up near the disaster zone have suffered health problems since birth, such as enlarged thyroids, cancer, and respiratory ilnesses. In 2019 there were over 8000 Belarrusian […]

Espanya incompleix la regularització europea i deixa desemparats milions de ciutadans

Subject Difficulties to get the Foreigner’s Identity Card in Spain 5.5 million foreign citizens in Spain, also European citizens, are trapped in the pre-appointment procedure to obtain the Foreigner’s Identity Card (FIC), a required document to prove residency in the country and to make any important legal arrangements. The website of the Spanish national police […]